ADD and Subtract

Well, today I was officially diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. Weird, that.

But yeah.


ASHES by Alex de Campi and Jimmy Broxton

So while we’re here, I figured I’d talk about KickStarter. It’s a website through which people can get a project funded by promising rewards based on the amount of money a person pledges to a project. Your money is only taken if the project actually is successfully funded.

I know, right? I’m talking about comic books again here. Alex de Campi and Jimmy Broxton are working together on a huge graphic novel called ASHES. There’s info at the link. $30 (USA) gets you a 250-page hardcover sent anywhere in the world once it’s finished.

Give it a look. I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

One Month

Heyo. Today’s the officially-not-just-a-fling-day, a.k.a. my one-month anniversary with Adam. Whoop. Not much to say, as I’ve spent my night updating my website, requesting courses for next semester, and eating Chinese food with the boyfriend. We like Chinese food. A lot, apparently. I think it’s going to become a thing, haha.

But yeah. One month. I mean, every step of this relationship is one more than I’ve ever had, so there’s that. But yeah. Let’s see how this goes.

Happy Halloween!

Go do something crazy. Mine will be spent getting caught up on homework, getting my driver’s license renewed, donating plasma, getting a haircut, and all sorts of crazy shiznit like that. You know how I roll.

Also, I may or may not be back and posting regularly. With National Novel Writing Month starting tomorrow, so will National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) be starting. I aim to do my damnedest to succeed at both.

Here we go.


That’s him. That’s the amazing gentleman I’m dating. Fact.

Draggin’ it Out

Tonight, I took Adam to his first drag show, which was as usual an interesting experience. I mean, it was all good and well, but I think I’ve said on here before that it wasn’t really my thing. Still, Adam’s introduced me to enough aspects of gay culture that I felt like it was my duty to introduce him to one of the few aspects that I’d already had a chance to be a part of.

Since Adam and I are boyfriends without fanfare, we decided it’d be easiest to make our anniversary on the first of October, which is kinda when we started dating, but making our anniversary the start of Pride Month seems like it’s not a bad idea at all. That means our one-month is on this upcoming Tuesday, so I imagine we’ll grab dinner or something. As Adam’s an architecture major, he’s got a heavy workload from his classes and such. It’s really too bad, but it’s all for future stuff. It’s not like we’re in university to coast by and do easy work, right? *cough*

At the drag show tonight, someone from Adam’s high school who Adam had experienced, er-hrm, before was there with his boyfriend, casting a steady gaze in our direction all night. Actually, for honesty’s sake, it was David, the cute redhead who lived next door to me last year. I assume he recognized me too, or else he wouldn’t have been weirded out that two people he knows from different parts of his life were suddenly dating each other through the magical uniting properties of university. I’m probably reading waaaaaaaay too much into a few casual glances, really. I should stop now.

So, I imagine you guys wanna see what Adam looks like. I can remedy that soon enough. (:

All-Winner’s Squad: Band of Heroes: Canceled With Three Issues To Go

Well, folks, it turns out we’ll never find out just what Project Firefly was or what happened between Captain Flame and American Ace. Pity that Marvel Comics canceled a mini-series that was set to end at #8 with last week’s #5. Hopefully we’ll get to find out how it would have ended one way or another.